Northwest wyoming board of realtors- 2018 board of directors

Realtor Members

Position Name Member Name Photo
President Scott Richard Scott Richard
President-Elect Ty Pedersen Ty Pedersen
Affiliate Chair Katie (Cooper) Haberstroh Katie Haberstroh
Board Operations Krissy Kessinger Krissy Kessinger
Director (3-Year) Eric Paul Lee Eric Paul
Director (1-Year) Pia Trotter Pia Trotter
Director (2-Year) John Krebes John Krebes
Education Chair Phyllis M. Claudson Phyllis M. Claudson
Immediate Past-President Donny Anderson Donny Anderson
MLS Chair Johnny Hanna Johnny Hanna
Practitioner Standards Chair Angie Gesner Angie Gesner
Public Policy Chair Sandi Shearer Sandi Shearer
R-PAC Chair Travis Hill Travis Hill
Secretary Kimberly Brandon-Wintermote Kimberly Brandon-Wintermote
Technology Awareness Chair Emily Denney Emily Denney
Treasurer Nathan Gesner Nathan Gesner